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Fxblue App › appstore - Featured app: FX Blue Personal Trade Copier for MT4 The Personal Trade Copier duplicates orders between two (or more) instances of MT4 running on the same computer. It is trusted by tens of thousands of traders all over the world, and is even used by brokers to offset risk and liquidity from one server to another. - FX Blue is a leading provider of apps and services for forex traders. FX Blue offers analysis of trading results, apps such as trade copiers and trade simulators, plus charts and alogrithmic news feeds. › apps - Apps. FX Blue Labs has created a suite of multi-platform, multi-lingual, market-informed apps which help brokers to promote and distinguish their services, and help traders to optimise their ability to trade successfully. › store › apps - Aug 11, 2020 · Pellets / BB’s / Airsoft / Archery / Paintball Using the first ever pocket radar ballistic chronograph from FX Airguns of Sweden, this ballistic app enables the recording of data from 20 fps to 1100 fps. Ever wanted to know the speed of your pellet, BB, Arrow or Paintballs, then this app will allow you to create profiles and store data from all your testing and tuning. Vocal shout outs for ... - FX Blue Labs' apps and services are truly market-informed: they have evolved over time in response to feedback from both brokers and thousands of traders around the world. The apps help people to trade more efficiently and to make more informed and confident trading decisions. › appstore › 38 - This is a beta pre-release of a new v10 of the Personal Trade Copier for MT4. You should test this software thoroughly on a demo account and not use it on a real-money account until you are completely satisfied with its performance on demo. › sentiment-trader - FX Blue Labs trading applications. Sentiment Trader. The Sentiment Trader is based on live sentiment data from (part of the FX Blue group), and enables traders to take real-time market sentiment into account in their trading decisions.


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