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Wolfe Wave Indicator

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HOW DOES THE INDICATOR WORKS: The “Wolfe wave pattern” is formed by 4 consecutive waves bounded in a triangular figure. The Ordered in points n.1, n.2, n.3, n.4 and n.5, forming two triangular figures with a vertex in common, the point n.5 corresponds to the vertex of the second triangle.

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This indicator automatically plots Wolfe Waves, showing the trend reversal. Indicator features. It shows trend reversals, as well as the overbought and oversold zones on the wave 5. Automatically plots models and finds the Wolfe waves. Price movement forecast. Arrow and alert on wave 5 for novices, which prevent missing entries.

Wolf Wave indicator
Hi All I found this Wolf Wave indicator on a Russian Forum. Right now it does not work, there is a problem somewhere in the code, perhaps there is someone on this Forum who can Fix it. The indicator does work. The Author has posted some charts with it on there, but will not post the working indicator.

Wolfe Waves Indicator for Metatrader4 (MT4)
Wolfe Waves are naturally occurring reversal patterns present in all markets. These waves can manifest having different amplitudes and are difficult to spot. This indicator finds them all. It is...

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Wolfe Wave Identified on the 4h Chart. A solid break of the ascending support followed by a retest should lead to a nice trade following.

The Wolfe Wave Forex Trading Strategy |
Introduction to the Wolfe Wave Trading. Wolfe waves were discovered by Bill Wolfe, an S&P500 index trader. He described the strategy that will be described below, and created the indicator which goes by the same name, used in trading this strategy.

Wolfe wave indicator -
Hi guys, i'd like to share this wolfe wave indicator, basically the wolfe waves is a pattern that consist in 5 waves, the 5th wave is the entry point and the target is the trendline that start from the wave one and pass trough wave 4...


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