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Triple Exponential Average Trix

TRIX Reversal Trading System Overview - The Balance
The TRIX is calculated using a triple smoothed exponential moving average, which is the same as three consecutive exponential moving averages. The TRIX value is the difference between the previous and current moving average values and is displayed as a value above and below a zero line. When the TRIX is above the zero line, the price has upwards momentum, and when the TRIX is below the zero line, the price has downwards momentum.

The TRIX || Triple Exponential Average Indicator || Tutorial
The TRIX (or Triple Exponential Average) was developed in the early eighties by Jack Hutson, editor of the magazine “Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities”. The dream of Hutson was to get an indicator that could filter the false signals in a trading system.

Triple Exponential Moving Average (TRIX Indicator) | AvaTrade
The Triple Exponential Moving Average (TRIX Indicator) is a powerful technical analysis tool designed to help traders determine the momentum of a price as well as identify overbought and oversold conditions in an underlying financial asset. TRIX was developed by Jack Hutson in the early 1980s, and as its name suggests, it is used to show the rate of change in a triple exponentially smoothed moving average.

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• how to interpret the Triple Exponential Average Indicator when trading stocks (TRIX explained for beginners) • how does TRIX indicator work in Forex and how to correctly trade with TRIX

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In some sources, technicians refer to the TRIX as the Triple Exponential Average Indicator. The TRIX is an oscillator that oscillates about a zero line and is used in technical analysis to identify oversold and overbought markets. A positive TRIX value indicates an overbought condition, whereas a negative value indicates an oversold market.

TRIX – Standard Momentum Oscillator or Something More?
How is the TRIX calculated? Triple Smoothed Exponential Moving Average. The curved line of the indicator shows the percentage change of a triple smoothed exponential moving average. This is just a fancy way of saying each average is an average of the prior average. You then smooth them out to create one line - the TRIX. Formula
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