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Moving Average Of Oscillator (Osma)

Forex OsMA – The High Accuracy Oscillator of Moving Average
Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA) is a technical analysis tool that reflects the difference between an oscillator (MACD) and its moving average (signal line). MACD (or Moving Average Convergence/Divergence ) is itself an oscillator.

Oscillator Moving Average (OsMA) — Indicator by anexas
This code for Oscillator of Moving Averages (OsMA) is based on MACD 4C indicator code published by vkno422. Many thanks to vkno422. I have borrowed the concept of 4 colours which I find very useful. For those who are not familiar with OsMA, it is histogram of difference between MACD (oscillator) and its MA (signal line). The zero line cross over of this indicator is used in many strategies.

Moving Average of Oscillator indicator: a reliable trap for
We offer dynamic trend Moving Average of Oscillator (OSMA). The indicator evaluates a difference between the value and its smoothing, and on the basis of it draws conclusion about force of the current tendency.

Oscillator of Moving Average (OsMA) indicator - NinjaTrader
Appreciate if any of you can help me create an Oscillator of Moving Average (OsMA) indicator. I don't have any programming knowledge. But I did some research and here are couple of useful links.

Free download of the 'Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA
Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA) is the difference between the oscillator and oscillator smoothing. In this case, the base line of Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) is used as the oscillator, and the signal line is used as the smoothing.

MACD vs. OSMA: Which one should be the reference point for a
OSMA. Short for Oscillator – Moving Average, the OsMA indicator represents the degree of variance between an oscillator and its moving average. In continuation of the most popular indicator, the MACD, it takes its primary line – the faster-moving averages – as an oscillator, turning its signal line into the moving average.

Oscillator of Moving Average (OsMA) Indicator | Algorithmic
The Moving Average of Oscillator (OsMA), is an indicator that is calculated by taking the difference between a shorter-term moving average and a longer-term moving average. The two most common are the 12 period moving average and the 26 period moving averages.
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