Trading Three Line Break

Have you ever heard of trading with the Three Line Break? if not, maybe this article can help you. For starters we will discuss in advance what's Three Line Break. Three line break chart is one of the indicators that are available in Forex trading. This indicator is commonly used to detect the movement direction of the ongoing market trend.

If you are interested and want to use the Three Line Break indicator in the trading system. Here are some tips from me to trade using Three Line Break indicator. As I said earlier that the Three Line Break is a trend indicator. Bearish trend is shown in red while the bullish trend shown in blue. And here are the rules of trading Three Line Break indicator. Open sell when the indicator color red and open buy when the indicator color blue. Its use is similar to a moving average indicator only three line break is shaped like a bar so we do not need to find a crossover.

Title Post: Trading Three Line Break
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