Divergence Trading Strategy

In this chance we will discuss and learn about how to use Moving average convergence divergence indicator to apply divergence trading strategy or to spot reversal in the market price. There are so many indicators and trading strategy available in Forex trading like, Donchian channel strategy, 2 bar reversal pattern, Forex overbought trading, Forex oversold trading, MTF candle or multi time frame candlestick indicator, Average directional movement index ADX trading strategy, Bollinger bands explanation and etc. But my favorite trading strategy is MACD divergence trading strategy !

MACD Moving average convergence divergence is one of the most reliable forex indicator and is based on the moving average indicator calculation. And the reversal or divergence pattern between market price and MACD line indicator is the heart of this divergence trading system. This strategy has great entry - exit rules, and it's very simple, and do not worry this system can be very profitable. The main method is to determine the trend reversal using divergence pattern.

You can use this MACD divergence for free and you can download it through this site. Have you ever trade the divergence pattern ? I like divergence trading strategy and I always use it in my trading system. Applying a divergence trading strategy should be a priority for all Forex trader. Using MACD divergence indicator, you will see what divergence pattern is, and this indicator will bring you to the profitable trading.

Title Post: Divergence Trading Strategy
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