Bollinger Bands Palada Trading system

Bollinger Bands Trading system
Author description:
System Type: Trend system.
Level of difficulty: Medium
Number of indicators: 11 + 1 experts
Time range: better results M15, M30, H1.
Currency pairs: Multi currency

At regular intervals, we release new system, and there is a reasonable question: Why?

The answer to this question is simple, we use all the existing solutions, our customers experience with previous systems, based on the full potential of the previous work and the results of their tests. Objective reason to change the trading system can be considered the appearance of a good forex trading system. To create a trading system, you should have knowledge of: principles indicators signals given by them, etc. But this is not enough. Since there are many vendors with different views of the forex market, with their experience, their habits and psychology. Most traders make various changes to the original rules of the vehicle, which reflects the performance of TC and usually not for the better. In order to avoid the need for such studies, we have developed four conditions for a system that was successfully used in our new Forex system - Bollinger Bands Trading system

First A small number of rules.

On the one hand it is clear that the trading system based on a rule, is unlikely to give good results, on the other hand, if many of the rules, then they can easily get lost and probably deal with drops. Bollinger Bands Trading system contains the optimum number of rules. The uniqueness of Bollinger Bands Trading system is a set of rules, not only to get in (like most systems), and clear rules for out of position.
1. using the system can be defined:
When, how and at what price to enter the market.
When, how and at what price to exit the market at a loss.
When, how and at what price to exit the market profit.

2. Stability of the system.

The system uses statistical idea: If the market is moving in that direction is stronger than expected from the normal vibrational motion (which is reflected in the volatility), it is possible that there is some kind of impact force, that is a real trend. Because of this, the system is resistant to any changes in the market and does not require reoptimization.

3. Mechanicalness system.

Rules of the system is quite straightforward. They do not allow arbitrary interpretation. Any User
in any state of anxiety, fatigue, sobriety, etc. clearly understand meets the current state of the market rules or not. Excitement a person's ability to think critically are greatly reduced - this is well known. Trading in currency markets - a very exciting thing. So
unambiguous instructions, their rigidity, transparency is so important.

4. The applicability of the system.

Presently Forex market works mainly with four currencies: Japanese Yen, Swiss franc, British pound and euro. Pallada 3.4 Final - trading system for MetaTrader 4, designed for long-term trade, as daily market trends and movements in-one
according to customer vehicles can be configured from different pair.

More information about the system.

Pallada - is a logical development of the ideas contained in the TA AG. The system is very simple and requires no special knowledge of the market and market structures, such as Elliott Wave, different formations / figures. All that is required by the user to see the price of the table and after the onset of the signal to trade. Reversible system - there will always be a market. The system works on all time frames, the best results M15, M30, H1.

Main indicator system - Pallada BB.
Pallada BB_Sig - modified Bollinger band. The principle of construction and interpretation of the indicator is the same as standard, but the main difference is that Pallada BB_Sig has much less lag, faster response to the decay of its range. As analogs of freely available online, we have not seen. Indicator settings are open (no code), you can adjust for each market, there is the possibility of using fractional coefficient of variation. The idea of ​​the indicator is that the disintegration of range indicator signals to enter and maintain a position that is expected trailing stop entry point (signal). Assigned class fault systems as breakout levels using Bollinger bands with fractional deviation. The central line (in standard indicator of explosives - simple moving average) is adjustable with automatic variation of his "period" period actually - not quite true concept, but an average factor. Melon indicator looks like a standard explosive, but the difference in performance is huge! Thus, in a growing market, lower explosive limit of the range should be within a certain distance of the prices in case of trend line comes around, and in a situation of full market trend and sharp reversal lower band BB is very close to cost and its breakdown will get an early signal to sell (in the case of the classic BB signal analysis will be significantly delayed.) Declining market for the opposite signal is generated by the breakdown of the upper limit of the explosive.
MTF Ki - basic long period oscillator. Shows the current direction of the price movement and identify market downturn or changes in trend.
MTF WPRSTO - basic long period oscillator. WPRSTO oscillator is slower, but points to reverse the trend, works very quickly, along with the CI, which is necessary confirmation. It also shows the current direction of the price movement and identifies market crises.
Volatility Quality Index (VQI) - additional trend indicator, built with the help of moving averages with multiple time frames.
Pallada, it is not just a system, is a trading method, with a set of rules. As mentioned above, the uniqueness of the system lies in the method, simple and accessible to all users. The system can not exist without the techniques, and technique without the system, we were able to combine these components into a single unit in the system Pallada.

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