Bollinger Bands MACD Trading System

Bollinger Bands - 8, the standard deviation of 1.8.
MACD - 7,28,7 - line and histogram.
Stochastic EXP-7 3.3 (fast) 21,10,4 (slow), superimposed on one another.
EMA - 34,50,100, ADX 14

Trend is important for the system and can be determined using a variety of tools: higher highs and lows, MACD, Stochastics, EMA. Trend is defined in the longer range. There are no strict rules. I usually use as a primary instrument for determining the trend of slow stochastic. EMA less responsive to changes in the direction of the price movement and is more useful to measure the strength of long-term trends. I also want to use a chart to determine the trend of 550 users, if this trend is questionable.

Usually I use a combination of two types of graphs and 55t 210T, although sometimes more useful may be other combinations. Inputs are determined on 210-tick chart, while the schedule in 55 ticks is used to determine filigree entry points.

Zone purchases / sales are limited to lines 30 and 70 fast stochastic.

Primary Entry Method:

First Position open in the direction of the trend, as fast stochastic is in buy or sell .. You do not have to enter the market if the movement in the desired direction expected. Entry can also be made in cases where the market and there is no clear trend, there is no protivotredovyh movements (except small scalps). Following input-cont. It is not necessary that the stochastic is in purchase or sale, if MACD and Slow Stochastic are moving in the same direction and after completion of the first transaction.

Second Let each "slingshot" (the term is explained below).

Third Login apparent reversal requires significant trend divergence Stochastic, MACD, or other obvious signs of a turnaround. The longer and stronger the trend, the more clear and convincing to be divergence. Methods Released: Hard no rules. I use price charts and signals slow stochastic and MACD 210-tick chart to avoid early exits, based on time variations and minor pullbacks. Also, I ignore the possibility of reversal transactions (against the trend) when the ADX above 40, if the signal is not confirmed by repeated sequences or differences at lower altitudes (for short positions). To a lesser extent, I use a line of support, resistance, chart patterns and Bollinger 210-tick chart. I try not to risk more than 2 points when trading es and 5 points when trading NQ.

Periods of "swell" I sometimes play Bollinger bands, buying at the bottom of the range and sell at the top. I do this only when the 210-tick chart the spread between the bars more than 2 points. Admission is when price touches the tape. Output occurs when the price moves 23 ways to get to the other side of the stove. This type of trading is applied only when the market is in a sideways trend and should not be practiced on smaller time frames, such as 55 ticks.
So I call the scheme, which was set up with the settings 7,3,3 stochastics and 21,10,4. This visually perceptible pattern identifies traded withdrawal trend. Go a long fast stochastic must dive down, and slow enough to stay even. In the graph, this figure looks like a stretched slingshot. Longer period of time, more powerful signal slingshot. But they often appear smaller time frames. Login to "slingshot" is strictly for the trend or the trend is not present, but never in a counter movement.

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