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Aroon Oscillator - MQL4 Code Base: custom indicators for MT4. Aroon Indicator is calculated as the difference of Aroon Down and Up. You can download MT4 and MT5 Aroon indicator from the previous article. The Aroon indicator can be plotted to the Meta Trader platform improving your trading performance. You can simply follow this indicator as trading signals or you can generate a trading system using aroon indicator. You can combine any of technical indicators with Arron indicator into your trading system strategy.
Aroon indicator is a custom indicator used by many traders to identify :
- Whether the market is moving sideways
- Whether the market is trending and the strength of the trend .
Aroon indicator MT4 trades between 0 and 100 ( oscillator indicator ).
The below chart describes you the Aroon Indicator MT4. The red line shows the Aroon Down line and the blue line shows the Aroon Up line.
View how to install and run Aroon MT4 custom indicator. Step-by-step installation of MetaTrader4 Aroon indicator.
1. Close your Metatrader4 platform.
2. Put Aroon indicator into folder MetaTrader/Experts/Indicatorsr.
3. Run or open Metatrader4.
4. Aroon indicator will be available from the navigator window on the right sidebar , again under custom indicator or from the top menu: Insert -> Indicators -> Custom.

Example and definition of the Aroon indicator, including its description, formula and trading rules.

Aroon Oscillator – Learn about determines the trend strength, and uptrend, downtrend, or range-bound stock or futures market using Aroon oscillator.

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