Trendline Trading

Operation Simple TrendLine Trading

This strategy requires no indicators, only a trendline.

Is located and put a name to the trend line (something easy like CCC to buy and sell VVV) to identify what should be followed.
Trendline Trading
The trend is opened automatically in the direction of the trendline once the price has moved 5 points above the trend line in a Purchase or 5 points below the line if a sale. This allows a degree of safety in the event that the trend does not continue in the manner intended.

The stop loss is automatically placed to 5 points below the entrance to a Purchase and 5 points higher for Sale. Again, it is a point of safety.

The operation will remain active until the trendline is broken by X number of points (configurable) or if the stop loss is triggered.

The stops are not necessary retrospective, and are managed in functions.

You hear an alert when the transaction closes.

It can be used at a time when you can stay and play or longer trends, when it can not do this.

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