Forex Market Hours

So far, in all the lessons we've learned to manage the "how" to work with the Forex market. But another important lesson you must learn is the "when" operate with the forex market.
Forex Market Hours
If it is true that the forex market is open 24 hours a day, but that does not mean it is active throughout the day. You can make money when the market moves up and even when it moves down.

However, you will have a hard time making money when the market does not move at all. This lesson will help you determine which are the best times of day for currency trading.

Market Hours

Before seeing the best time to operate, we see how a 24-hour day looks in forex. Forex can be divided into three major trading sessions: Session of Tokyo, the London session and U.S. session.

Can see that between each session, there is a time period in which two open sessions simultaneously. Of the 3-4am THIS, the Tokyo and London markets are open, and the 8-24:00 THIS, markets of London and the United States are open. Naturally, you are the hours most active in the market, as there is more volume when two markets are open simultaneously.

As you can see, the London session usually shows the greatest movement.
Now let's see, what day of the market are the best to trade ...

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