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Forex scalper system

Forex scalper system
Cool title, huh? I actually find the system too pretty "cool" or at least "interesting" - perhaps even profitable? I did so only very rarely getraded, but the hit rate was pretty high here. So I put it to you at this point in time more accurately. We come to the bare setup:
Scalping FX with Heiking Ashi & CCI

Scalping FX with Heikin Ashi & CCI

Chart: Heikin Ashi
Indicators: CCI (34), CCI (170), RSI (8)
Time Frame: original M1, M5 recommended by me - but it works in theory at any Time Frame

Since this system is declared as a forex scalping system, what should have been traded in the M1, one should, according to the original source only in the direction of the parent act timeframe. What indeed makes perfect sense, but if you are still in a higher time frame, this proposal eliminates more and more the higher is the time interval. Moreover, the conditions are to enter Long, the following:

CCI (34)> 0
CCI (170)> 0
RSI (8)> 55
And of course: The Heikin-Ashi candle color of the candles must be from black and white (or whatever color you have ever even set) are handled. However, it is important to mention here that the new candle with the "right" color must be already completed. An entry while the candle still trains seems to me to be sensible, because the candles can still turn color! So in general not to enter early!

To make it short course needs exactly the inverted signals:

CCI (34) <0
CCI (170) <0
RSI (8) <45
And again, a change of candlesticks from white to black (or similar).

Since the current price is already able to move a good bit more before a change of color of the candles, it was confirmed it was in my test runs are not very useful to take along the M1 every move. We have here, as so often the problem is that very often a trade signal which is then in effect but not very lucrative. Because you should get out as soon as the candle color once again turns. This can be in a smaller time frame with little movement for 2-3 Candles later be the case. If the main scale of the price due to the first candle was, you go two relatively "flat" candles out later, probably with a negative amount from the PIPS Trade. So be careful with a strong volatility!

I found the trade in this trading system in the M5 much better. These are really only took the bigger moves and fitting are relatively accurate. By filtering through CCI and RSI are really only used for starting phases, which are characterized by a certain market activity. For this reason, this system should probably be traded only in the periods between the opening of the London Stock Exchange and the closing of the New York Stock Exchange. Also, it makes sense to trade only the major currency pairs with this system. Who in the night the exchange rate of Euro to Forint keeps an eye that can probably all night long waiting for an entry signal. ;-)

As for me again to bring another issue: The NinjaTrader Heikin Ashi Candles in the current release, although only for the representation there, but there are already several elaborate indicators that use the Heikin Ashi Candles. Now, instead of the whole day sitting in front of the chart and wait for an entry signal, I'll probably also back test this strategy in NinjatTrader. Because the entry and exit can be automated with this strategy (as opposed to Linux or troll Hull scalping) is relatively simple.

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