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Flags and Pennants Chart Forex Trading

Flags and Pennants Chart Forex Trading
Let us now to that other forex trading method of forex technical analysis popular with traders on the foreign exchange forex trading market, the figures in flags and pennants. let us study the characteristics and points of comparison between the figure given in the flag and pennant.

Flags and pennants are chart formation that are established in the short term , over a period of one to five weeks, they may seem complicated at first , but we hope that after reading this article, they will be already familiar. the flags and pennants forex trading , similar to the head and shoulders chart pattern forex trading are continuation patterns, which are considered one of the forex trading methods of technical analysis the most reliable. they cover only short breaks in the middle of dynammic forex trading market. their forex chart pattern configuration is usually after a significant price fluctuations , in short , the flags and pennants forex chart pattern are short breaks within the forex trends of consolidation , and they are reliable continuation forex signals during a short forex trend.

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