Mql4 using tdi indicator in EA

Mql4 using tdi indicator in EA
The FX-setup by Tom DeMark is a breakout setup, which uses the momentum and will use more in intraday trading. He should have presented it about 5 years ago in an FX Magazine. Unfortunately I can not verify. DeMark proposes an hourly chart in a major FX pairs and uses the EMA's 9 and 30 I've tested other EMA's to apply the setup in other markets. It basically seems to work everywhere. The EMA's are only one element can be varied.
First, we define a trend line on the chart which has at least three support points. One should note that is point 1, a significant high or low! For a fraction of the line, the next step (or even earlier), the crossing of two EMA's (10 & 20) and the crossing of the momentum (14) indicator, the zero line. If all three signals are given, it looks for an entry.
The exit can be made using the RSI (7) in the areas of 80/20, or you stick to the Fast-/Slow-Parabolic, or wait until the EMA's cross again.

The setup works in virtually all time frames. As you can see from the chart images, one and the same patterns emerge in the market again and again. Since it is then pursue the tedious job of a day trader: Wait, wait and be patient. The whole thing is depending on the time frame a quieter affair. They want as day traders do not break even record in the trades-per-day, but make money and do not feed the broker.

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