4 hours MACD Strategy

4 hours MACD Strategy
I would like to deliver the translation of the MACD strategy in 4 hours charts. This strategy is Forexfactory.com original forum, it can find the full posts.

Strategy 4 Hours

Welcome to the MACD Forex Strategy in 4 hours charts. This strategy aims to simplify the work of the trader and raise the likelihood in our trading. I've been in the stock market for almost ten years and now in the currency market for two years, and soon learned queForex is not for the weak. One must have a definitive test and trading strategy and follow a very good discipline in the strategy, and execute the plan exactly as esbalecido. One must be accurate and precise.
I practiced for almost two years and I read everything I could get my hands, I bought books and courses, I went 5 days in a seminar on the Web, and all this helped me, and that did not fit my personality style. More than two years of watching the charts with different indicators, moving averages, etc. I started having sense in moving the market, especially for the EURUSD around certain averages móviles.No was until late last year I discovered a MACD environment where I can easily read their signals on a regular basis in a 4 hour chart. I like figure 4 hours do not need to be glued to the screen in time completo.Si you look at the figure below 14 signals will be there for a period of 5 weeks. Within this period many signs fig 1 buenas.Hay times were quite a few signs that produces positive results. I then had to work in a system filter to only let me take the best. I realized that the MACD when moving in a certain way, produces a 95% accuracy. We show later how to get high probabilidad.En Fig 1 shows the signals and in Figure 2 shows an entry that is made between the 4-hour bar has closed and the opening of the next barra.Advertencia: The trade in the forex market is very risky, if the reader goes beyond this point and apply the concepts and methods described herein, you do it only by his own will and risk. The writer and / or all those involved in the compilation and translation of this document are not responsible for losses incurred by the use of methods described herein, or money management nor stoploss levels discussed as they vary a merchant to merchant, according to their own risk and capital

4 Hour MACD Strategy 1

4 Hour MACD Strategy 2

This was just to see and get a feel for the graphics. Let's start creating our graphics. You will see later as to realize various MACD signals, as used in the examples I have not checked.
The MACD itself is not enough to own a successful strategy. Therefore, to understand the system as a whole, you need to go to the post 289 of 4335 and the study of 13 lessons.

Moving Averages:
First are the moving averages that we will use
Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of 365 periods
Simple Moving Average (MMS) of 200 periods
Simple Moving Average (MMS) of 89 periods
Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of 21 periods
Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of 8 periods

Fast MME 5
Slow EMA 13

Horizontal lines:
Must be drawn on the MACD window, three sets of horizontal lines above and below zero:
1. Level +0.0015
2. Level +0.0030
3. Level +0.0045
4. Level -0.0015
5. Level -0.0030
6. Level -0.0045

Your chart should look like this: (Pick your own colors and styles)

4 Hour MACD Strategy

The MACD moves in certain patterns and thus recognized can be very profitable trade. Let me show you first the most important, why do not all give a signal, which only gives a high probability trade, through certain patterns MACD, which serve as a filter. This is the filter.
Countertrend trade can be dangerous because it involves going against the trend. When going to determine the resistance Countertrend

These patterns are very regular, especially A and D. Since the MACD has moved beyond the 0.0045 level and may be due to a correction and / or reversal of the trend. B and C are the patterns of trend continues and follow the direction of the trend.
Red circles indicate the input signal and is the opening of the next bar
The head and shoulder are clear

Double double floor roof and needs no introduction, as he speaks at any time

When the MACD comes down to the zero line and pulls back to just above the zero line, is usually a continuing trend, and are a strong movement
The high curve and lower curve are safe. Just be careful when in the first zone of 0.0000 to 0.0015 above or below. I like the curves formed by more than 5 bars

This is the first installment of this interesting strategy. Continue translating in future entries.
DTB Greetings

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